About Us

Patrick Clark is the founder and Managing Partner of Caprock Insurance Partners. Patrick took the entrepreneurial leap in 2009 when he entered the world of financial services as a young agent. While he holds a business degree from the University of Oklahoma, Patrick has learned most valuable lessons from client experiences in the field – primarily from Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists and other specialty medical professionals. When starting his practice, he learned the importance of dedication, and, like many CRNAs, simply refused to ever give up. “I am so blessed that my career path eventually rose to meet the needs of our first CRNA client,” says Patrick. “I truly believe that our mission is to support and protect all CRNAs during every step of their journey through life.”

A profound moment of clarity came in 2014, while searching for a meaningful career purpose. Patrick was on a client visit to West Texas when he visited Palo Duro Canyon for a moment of quiet reflection. He recalled being a young boy in Oklahoma and observing his mother as she studied a mountain of medical books to become an advanced practice nurse. Standing on the caprock, Patrick cast a vision for a unique financial services practice that specialized in serving the financial needs of a CRNA. From that moment on, he never looked back.

Patrick has invested countless hours toward understanding the specialized needs of a CRNA. He has relentlessly sought to gather vital resources which are necessary to the CRNA community. From Alaska to Florida, Patrick has traveled all over the country to meet with CRNAs. He delights in hearing their stories and enjoys in bringing seamless solutions to their financial situations. Today, Patrick and his team specialize in preparing CRNAs for the journey ahead with the proper risk management tools. According to Patrick, his mission is helping CRNAs pursue success with a foundation of confidence. “The best way for us to do that,” he feels, “is with proper Disability Income Protection planning.”

Patrick is passionate about the great outdoors. He and his wife live near a wildlife preserve in Bee Cave, TX. He enjoys frequent travel to see his clients, fishing with his Boston terrier, and responsible sampling of good wine.

national bank

The Gateway to Oklahoma History; from the Oklahoma Historical Society.

About the Gold Dome:

1901. Before there was heavy machinery, there were hard-working pioneers, horses and wagons. Through tenacity and fortitude, industrious men put forth heart and hope into crafting a striking stone structure in Hughes County, Oklahoma. The artistic beauty of these craftsmen is a testament to the heart of the early settlers of the Oklahoma territory. Today, escribed in the stone, each panel reads, “First National Bank 1901.” For many years, Patrick’s grandfather, Neal Clark, operated “Clark & Associates” in the historic building. As a young boy, Patrick recalls walking up the stone steps to greet his grandfather at his desk. “My grandfather was my hero. He was everybody’s friend and someone that you could always count on.” At Caprock, we want to preserve that same feeling of connectedness and trust in our business, today. The ardent stone structure and gold dome reminds us every day that integrity will stand the test of time. Our objective is to be here for you now and for your family, many generations ahead.